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We are a tea company focused on creating and sourcing high quality teas that taste amazing but more importantly assist with a variety of health-related issues such as weight loss, lymphedema, arthritis, cancer, skin care, memory, stress, blood pressure, bad breath, trouble sleeping, menstrual pain, diabetes, brain health and much more. Come explore how our teas can potentially help improve your quality of life.

Our coaching service helps to simplify and hold you accountable while building new habits.  With as little as a cup of a tea a day can help you accomplish your health-related goals. We provide in-depth programs on Lymphedema, Weight-loss, and General Overall Health.

Meet our coach, Yvette Thomas, who started her journey in personal healthcare since 1994 in alcohol and substance abuse. She continued to learn the best ways to help her clients not only refocus their lives spiritually, emotionally, and physically but the tools necessary to help
achieve their goals. She specializes in holistic approaches to supplement professional
care (such as implementing tea daily) and witnessed noticeable improvement among her clients.

She is now sharing her knowledge with her coaching class to help her clients achieve milestones in their health journey.

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